revenue management consultants

Demand is better.

Hotel Revenue Management Solutions for a Changing Landscape

Things simply aren't what they used to be.

Traditional Revenue Management is obsolete. The straightforward business of running reports, setting rates, and yielding inventory that may have worked five years ago will fall short in today's increasingly complex distribution landscape.

Today's guest is connected.

Travelers have an unprecedented level of access to information - and to each other - adding a multitude of dimensions to the already complex reality of what to sell to whom, when to sell it, and where.

Demand Management

This new marketing landscape calls for an innovative methodology that maximizes opportunities and minimizes risks. At Southwind Hotels and Resorts we embrace a growing discipline known as Demand Management. As Demand Managers we proactively engage with distribution channels and internal departments at every level, replacing the often isolated role of Revenue Manager with a cohesive single point of analysis and control for managing demand.

Real Results

Southwind sees the big picture and works at the ground level with your team to achieve a streamlined effort to propel your business to market dominance.

Southwind Hotels and Resorts Delivers:

  • Comprehensive analysis of existing systems and procedures
  • Development and implementation of strategies based on analysis
  • Daily support from demand management experts / industry veterans
  • Ongoing channel management including parity assurance
  • Weekly analysis including PACE reports and rate shops
  • Integration with Hotel Systems and Yield Optimization
  • Direct contact with hotel department heads to streamline efforts
  • Optimization of content and images for search engines
  • Quality control of content and images on external channels
  • Analysis and strategies related to social marketing and mobile devices
  • Assistance with promotions based upon seasonality and markets