hotel sales and marketing consulting

Hotel Marketing and Sales Consultants

Successful hotels are successfully marketed.

At Southwind we believe that every property has profit potential. Often the difference between a full hotel and a hotel full of vacant rooms doesn't come down to amenities, accommodations, or even rate - but rather to a smart, well-executed sales and marketing strategy.

At Southwind we see every market as an opportunity. We approach property managment from an owner's perspective, working closely with hotel staff to develop sales and marketing initiatives based on what will work at the ground level, today and in the long-term.

Southwind Hotels and Resorts provides strong hands-on sales and marketing leadership to hotel clients. We conduct regular marketing surveys to keep in tune with the pulse of local markets, and follow with well-timed sales initiatives. We are adept at internet marketing, web performance, and successfully navigating the world of Alternate Distribution Systems.

Our team also attends national conventions including those put on by the American Bankers Association, National Tour Association, and the Society for Human Resource Management to keep current on industry developments and resources, and to promote Southwind Hospitality hotels.